bickersons brew

Our Story

The two founders, Shaunn and Frank AKA The Bickersons started out drinking mostly wine (Frank) and spirits (Shaunn) but once a former co-worker opened a brewery their palates adjusted and they were bitten by the beer bug.

In 2017, Frank started researching the art of brewing beer and by luck, 2 of his co-workers had beer equipment and experience thus the hobby started.  With Frank being an analyst by trade, his thirst for knowledge in a subject took off and quickly went from a part time hobby to full time.  In 2018 when we wanted to open a brewery, it was important that we opened in our neighborhood.  Driving home from dinner one night, we came across a spot in our neighborhood and thought this was a sign.  We hope you come visit and learn how The Bickersons and their Brewhouse came to be.

Visit Our Two Locations:
4710 NE 4th St. #C105 | Renton, WA 98059
1514 NW Leary Way | Seattle, WA 98107