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Updated on April 6th

On Tap

We will have a rotating beer list so each visit is something new

Laminated List Lager

A fuller body lager with a touch of sweetness that makes for a nicely rounded lager.  Mostly Hallertauer hops with a tad addition of Perle.

5.0% ABU 15 IBU



SH-Shazy IPA

 This was brewed for the Pink Boot Society designed by our own owner and now assistant brewer Shaunn.  A Kviek (Norwegian) yeast was used to bring out the fruity aspects of this years hop blend (Idaho Gem, Azacca, El Dorado & Loral).




German wheat beer with notes of clove and banana and a nice full body.

Bossy Britches Brown

Our version of a European and American Brown.  Nice roasted malt character with an American hop profile

5.3% ABV 28 IBU


3rd 1 of the Day IPA

Our newest Hoppy IPA for you Hop Craving IPA Drinkers!!  Notes of white pepper, orange and pine

6.6% ABV 76 IBU


Orange U Witty

A classic WIT (wheat) Bier with hints of spice and oranges. 


4.5% ABV 12 IBU


Raspberry Blonde


A nice crisp blonde with raspberry puree added for a nice tart aroma but clean dry finish.

Big Hazy B

A mouth and nose-full of citrus flavors. Not your Dad's IPA for sure.

6% ABV 28 IBU 


"RED"-dy & Willing

A light malt sweetness with hints of hops and caramel and the classic red ale hue

5.1% ABV 20 IBU 


Coming Soon - Currently In Fermenters

New upcoming Beers hitting the taps soon- Happy New Year to YOU!


Big Hazy B - updated version


New Hazy - Name TBD

New IPA - Name TBD  



Roggenbier - Bringing back our popular Rye Beer Old world style Rye beer low in bitterness

with a weizen hazy profile.

4.8% ABV 16 IBU





Coming Back At Some Point

Make Up Six - SOLD OUT!

Our version of a NE style IPA that has been double dry hopped.  Citrus notes of passionfruit, pineapple and mango. 

6.6% ABV 76 IBU


Snarky Saison - SOLD OUT

A tart/full complexity due to a wide variety of added ingredients. Pilsner malt with a light addition of Amarillo (Yee-HAW) hops followed by a tea and spices boiled in with the Hibiscus.

6.1% ABV 21 IBU


Killing It Kolsch - SOLD OUT

A pale straw color with low bitterness and a smooth/crisp taste makes this Kolsch an easy drinking beer.

5.3% ABV 28 IBU


Not My Belgian Blonde - SOLD OUT!

A nice light blonde beer with a Belgian influence derived from the yeast.

4.7% ABV 25 IBU


Pullout Couch Porter - SOLD OUT

Milder notes of roasted grains, chocolate and toffee with an undertone of toasted coconut.

4.8% ABV 32 IBU


Schilling Ciders On Tap

Grapefruit & Chill

6% ABV 8/10 TA 3.5/6 BRIX

Emerald City Blackberry Pear

6.7% ABV

London Dry - Sold Out

6.5% ABV 7/10 TA 1/6 BRIX

Pineapple Passionfruit

6.9% ABV

1/6 bbl Kegs for Sale

Beer available for sale

$98 for 1/6 bbl keg with a $40 refundable deposit once keg is returned

Party Tap Rental Available -  $25 

Headstone Haze (1)

Snarkey Saison (1)

Pale (1)

Oi Oi Oi (1)