Beer List

Updated on April 15th

On Tap

We will have a rotating beer list so each visit is something new

Rowdy Renton Roggenbier - Last Keg

 1 of our 1st 4 beers made this Rye Wheat style beer is a great winter beer.  Notes of spices including cloves and bananas

5.0% ABV 16 IBU



         A wonderfully dry Belgian Golden Strong Ale.                Light on the pallet and a nice dry finish.

                         7.2% ABV 24 IBU


Legit Losin' IT Lager - On Tap or Cans - Last Keg

Our winter lager, dark with coffee/chocolate notes but a light lager finish


No More Day Job     Double IPA - On Tap or Cans

A hoppy but crisp and clean double IPA.  Dry hopped with lots of Simcoe and Amarillo

7.7% ABV 81 IBU


RED-dy & Willing

Our Dry Irish Red is back on tap.  A fan favorite.  A malty deep reddish color beer with a nice dry finish and low hop bitterness.

5.0% ABV 18 IBU


Kveik Rex - On Tap or Cans

A Kveik yeast Hazy IPA brewed with Lotus, Bravo and Belma hops resulting in an orange juice explosion with a hint of berries on the finish

7.4% ABV 35 IBU


the ISH - On Tap or Cans

Our entry for 2021 virtual Hop Mob ( 9% ish Triple Hazy IPA using our 6 hop blend from Make up Six beer we brewed last year.

WEI you Ask?

 Our version of a German wheat beer.  Notes of clove, banana and bubblegum.  Light easy drinking beer

4.8% ABV 16 IBU


Lager & Leave 'em

      A malty lager with a touch of sweetness.  This amber looking lager is a great winter/spring lager with just a touch of roast.

5.2% ABV


Rounding for Home Robust Porter

A little more porter than you might be used to.  Nitro available

6.6% ABV 13 IBU

Big Hazy B- On Tap or Cans

A mouth and nose-full of citrus flavors.

Not your Dad's IPA for sure

6.5% ABV 14 IBU 


Coming Soon



coming soon 

Bickerstiens Monster - Golden Sour Ale

A golden ale that was soured in our FV to give a nice tart taste.  Weekly fruited versions available on Saturdays

6.2% ABV 2 IBU 


Laminated List Lager - OnTap or Cans To Go

Helles Style Lager.  All German Malt and Yeast makes for a clean and crisp lager using traditional German Hallatauer hops

5% ABV 15 IBU 


Coming Soon - Currently In Fermenters

New upcoming Beers hitting the taps soon


West Coast Red IPA


May 5th - Mexican Lager


June - Collaboration with.....Italian Pilsner


Summer 2021 - Gin Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Blonde


Spring 2021 - Wine Barrel Aged Saison


Fall 2021 - 2 new bourbon barrel aged beers - Robust Porter


2021 - Brett Series of barrel aged beer




Coming Back At Some Point

Make Up Six - SOLD OUT!

Our version of a NE style IPA that has been double dry hopped.  Citrus notes of passionfruit, pineapple and mango. 

6.6% ABV 76 IBU


Snarky Saison - SOLD OUT

A tart/full complexity due to a wide variety of added ingredients. Pilsner malt with a light addition of Amarillo (Yee-HAW) hops followed by a tea and spices boiled in with the Hibiscus.

6.1% ABV 21 IBU


Czech Pilsner - SOLD OUT



Not My Belgian Blonde - SOLD OUT!

A nice light blonde beer with a Belgian influence derived from the yeast.

4.7% ABV 25 IBU


Pullout Couch Porter - SOLD OUT

Milder notes of roasted grains, chocolate and toffee with an undertone of toasted coconut.

4.8% ABV 32 IBU


2 Schilling Ciders On Tap & Wine by the Glass

Schilling Ciders

Grapefruit & Chill


Gilbert Cellars Chardonnay, Brian Carter Rose and 2013 Red Blend

$8 & $10 per glass

6.9% ABV

1/6 bbl Kegs for Sale

Beer available for sale

$98 for 1/6 bbl keg with a $40 refundable deposit once keg is returned

Party Tap Rental Available -  $25 











Beer available for sale

$115 for 1/6 bbl keg with a $40 refundable deposit once keg is returned


Big Hazy B

Party Tap Rental Available -  $25