About Us

When Shaunn and Frank decided we wanted to open a brewery, it was important that we opened in our neighborhood.  Driving home from dinner one night, we came across a spot in our neighborhood and thought this was a sign.  Come on in and visit the brewhouse and learn how The Bickersons came to be

Our Story


Shaunn and Frank AKA The Bickersons started out drinking mostly wine (Frank) and spirits(Shaunn) but once a former co-worker opened a brewery our palates adjusted.  In 2017, Frank started researching the art of brewing beer and by luck, 2 of his co-workers had beer equipment and experience thus the hobby started.  With Frank being an analyst by trade, his thirst for knowledge in a subject took off and quickly went from a part time hobby to full time.  In 2018 we discussed opening a brewery and becoming more than just married we decided to also become business partners.  Shaunn's design and retail background will be seen throughout the brewery in layout and design.  We hope you come visit and learn how The Bickersons came to be.